Native American Heritage

The Warrior and Chief

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NOVEMBER… most celebrated for Thanksgiving and Veteran’s Day is actually Native American Heritage Month.

This year comp735™ LLC created a small series of composite remix images to celebrate a people who too often get pushed to the edges of history and overall existence.

Many of our creative team’s bloodline partially runs through the Native American gene pool and we celebrate them in remembrance of the yester-years and recognition of today’s most recent tears. We see in the news what the Standing Rock Sioux have been forced to endure as they fight to protect their land and it rips and tugs at the fabric of all our souls.

There are so many things going on in today’s society that when we discuss it at the start and end of our days in the studio we feel overwhelmed by the darkness literally shrouding the world.

As creative people we express our pain, our honor, our strength, and our courage through imagery. It becomes our therapy.

For you, we pray it becomes a source of inspiration.